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Poster designs

These posters are mine, Taryns and heathers since heather works at a publishing house her work will be printing and putting together the posters and magazines.


tyrn got in touch yesterday and asked for me to sketch out a Lillian for the poster since the ones on the comic where not suitable another to do this,this was fine with me since i in joy this kind of work, I see now that she has a loped boob but hopefully it will look fab on the poster.

my hand writing is terrible i even practised it many times before i put it on, i even stuck paper over and re did it to certon ones. I thought it best not to rely on fonts but i really need to learn how to write properly on comics. over all i don’t feel that ive actually achieved to the standard i wanted, time was running out so you can see how i lacked the detail of proportions on the body and instead paid attention to the coloring which has also been over done. I was advised by a tutor to be more clear and less overworked in my artworks they said the problem i have with this comic is that ive been overworking detail both in foreground and background making it very hard to see the picture. so in the next assighment im going to stay away from detail to see what happens.

im going to take it in to Photoshop to see if i can tidy the colours up other wise im going to hand write the speech bubbles.

im worred my style is very unprofesional the others are useing photoshop so i really hope mine dosnt look like childs scribble 😦

I decided that ink drawing them on light box after painting them with water-colour while using soft colour pencils would do the job, i prefer to use this media so i decided to work to how i feel most comfortable. It was taking a very long time to create the pages i actually have spent to longer on this project and have strayed away from other assignments from doing so i most guilty confess.

final ruffs